Education vs. Incarceration
Using Philadelphia as an example, this graphic compares the cost, both financial and societal, of education and incarceration.
Gender Injustice
Despite an overall decline in youth arrests in the last two decades, there has been an increase in girls’ share of those arrests. This 68 page report, 4 page executive summary and accompanying infographic examine this increase, it’s causes and provides evidence-based recommendations for modifying the juvenile justice system to make it a place that supports girls instead of just punishing them.
Philadelphia Maps
For the past couple of years Mark Adams (Hog Island Press) and I have been putting our brains together as Eyes Habit. We have created a series of screen printed maps of our favorite Philadelphia neighborhoods. You purchase them at our website.
Puma ReCut Project
Puma has made it one of their missions to attempt to close the loop on manufacturing waste in their products. In this particular project, they use scraps from a denim manufacturer down the road from their offices in Ho Chi Minh City. 100% of the proceeds go to the Be Tho Orphanage.
Nature Preschool
The Schuylkill Center Nature Preschool immerses children ages 3-5 in nature and the outdoors, providing them with an important connection to their planet as well as fostering the child’s intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical growth. I created their identity, collateral materials and custom illustrations.
A Gathering of Leaders
A Gathering of Leaders is an annual conference pulling together some of nation's great thinkers who are working to make life better for boys and men of color. I created their full Identity, website and collateral package.
Bring Youth Home
This 20 page report and infographic highlights Ohio's shift away from traditional juvenile detention centers and towards evidence-based methods of dealing with nonviolent youth offenders by keeping them in their communities instead of incarcerating them.
Theater Programs
The People's Light & Theater Company provides a unique theater experience for all ages and backgrounds. While at Maskar Design, I had the pleasure of creating some illustrations for their productions.
Trails of the Wissahickon
A map of the trails that follow the Wissahickon River in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park with some illustrations of attractions along the way. Originally appeared in the 2011 Maskar Design calendar.
Honey's Sit n Eat
Honey's Sit n Eat is a Philadelphia restaurant that serves delicious comfort food with a heavy emphasis on local and seasonal menu items. I designed their website, menus and placemats.
Bike Philadelphia
Over the past 10 years Philadelphia has become one of the leading cities for commuters by bicycle. This infographic charts those trends and calls to attention some of our unique aspects that make biking in Philadelphia great.
This infographic highlights the lives of some of my favorite strange Philadelphia musicians and charts their musical transmissions as they leave the planet Earth and travel to other galaxies.
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