John Waters

Sachs Program for Arts Innovation

Usually when an institution as large as the University of Pennsylvania launches a new program, there isn't much 'Identity' work to be done. I know because I've designed many. First you type the program's name into the approved font. Then you figure out some micro-alignments that make it work with their iconic shield logo. Lastly, you just be sure to follow their brand standards on other materials. Easy!

I was naturally excited when Sachs Program for the Arts asked me to break the mold. They were a completely new program that provided grants and other forms of strategic support to artists, faculty, cultural centers, students, and other arts advocates at Penn.


Sachs Program for the Arts


Common Press

Jeremiah Misfeldt

Project Components
Sachs Stationery

They then asked me to create the identity materials for their first event... with John Waters. My client hooked me up with Common Press, a letterpress and book arts studio at the University of Pennsylvania.

Letterpress Type

Common Press was cool enough to have me over to explore their library of letterpress type to create the type treatment for the event.

John Waters Event Materials