Come to the Show!

In 2002 I wanted to learn how to screen print so I called up Philadelphia artist collective Space 1026 and asked them if they knew anyone who could teach me. They invited me to drop by the space and they basically got me started and taught me everything out of the goodness of their hearts. It's been 20 years and I've lost track of how many prints I've made but I'm still grateful for their generosity and I try to remember it when I meet young artists or designers.

Mitral Transmission Poster
Birds of Maya Poster
Wedding Poster
LSD March Poster
Color posters

Many of these posters were designed for my own bands, Birds of Maya and Spacin'. I've gotten into the habit of designing a poster for nearly every show I play. We often hang them up in record stores, coffee shops and on telephone poles in addition to handing out black and white handbill versions.

Trans Am Poster
David Nance Poster
Vicarious Love
Kensington Picnic
Kensington Picnic II
Black and white posters

This poster was created from a single photograph. I created the type with pipe cleaners, covered them in fluorescent chalk dust and aimed two blacklights at the image. My hands in the photo are covered with the dust.

Color posters
Green Milk Poster
Pissed Jeans
Color posters
Soft Crime Poster
Little Baby's Poster
Little Baby's Poster
Moon Duo

Collaborations with Rodger Binyone

Kurt Vile
Steve Gunn Poster
Purlling Hiss Poster
Spacin' Poster

Collaborations with Jenna Robb

US Girls
Louie Louie Poster
Taiwan Housing Project
Ghösh Poster