No Kids in Prison

On any given day, more than 37,000 kids are locked up. KIDS! Nearly 600 of them are 12 and under. Most of these kids have already had adverse childhood experiences and come from adverse community environments. We have a system that punishes traumatized children for their mistakes by putting them in prisons, and adding additional layers of trauma even though there are safe, effective, evidence-based alternatives to youth incarceration.

In 2019 Performing Statistics asked me to design the identity and environmental elements for a national exhibition called #NoKidsInPrison.


Performing Statistics

No Kids in Prison Poster PInk
No Kids in Prison Poster Teal
No Kids in Prison Poster Green

The Virtual Exhibition

In Winter of 2020, COVID-19 hit and squashed the idea of in-person-anything. We began working with Invisible Thread and Oblio on a digital version of the exhibition. Together we crafted an entirely new virtual experience that shares both the quantitive information about the harms of youth incarceration as well as the stories and experiences of young people who have been impacted. We reimagined my data visualizations as an animated, interactive and 3 dimensional VR-like experience.

social media post
People animated

Explore the entire virtual exhibition at nokidsinprison.org/experience.