Garden box and play prompt

Corinthian Gardens Playscape & Signage

Did you know that right next to Philadelphia's historic Eastern State Penitentiary there is a beautiful community garden that is open to the public? Oh, You didn't know? Neither did I!

For a number of reasons, this magical zone felt off limits to the average passerby and even families in the neighboring communities. The members of the cooperatively-run garden wanted to change that and they especially wanted to make the place more engaging for children. Jenna Robb and I worked closely with them to imagine ways to make the space more inviting for families and to get kids interested in more of the garden than just the sandbox.


Corinthian Gardens


Jenna Robb

Eastern State view
Garden Sign and City Skyline
Sign Illustrations
play prompts front
Play Prompts Back

We designed, built, painted and installed 8 boxes in total. Each one representing a special area of the garden and filled with a stack of cards that prompt that we created with the help of playful learning expert Anna Forrester. The cards help kids to notice things, explore, or learn new ideas in fun and sometimes silly ways. Kids can take the prompts home or return them to the box when they are finished.

Compost sign
Compost Sign Detail