Play to Learn

Helping children build their mental and emotional muscles by providing a vibrant framework which allows them to create their own ways to explore and play.

In collaboration with Jenna Robb, we worked with the Trust for Public Land to develop, design, and install large scale interactive math games at Ben Franklin Elementary in the Lawncrest neighborhood of North Philadelphia. The games addressed areas of underperformance in counting, spatial relations, geometry, algebra and more, while creating spaces for a variety of different play styles. Some areas are active, others team-oriented, and still others offer space for quiet contemplation. While the design and color scheme of the games reference popular activities, they were purposely left open-ended so that children could create their own rules, encouraging child-directed learning, creative problem-solving, collaboration, self discovery, and ownership over the playspace.
Aerial photos by Bradley Maule. Ground photos by Elyse Leyenberger
#painting #design #environmentaldesign EDUCATION
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