Gender Injustice

Despite an overall decline in youth arrests in the last two decades, there has been an increase in girls’ share of those arrests. This 68 page report, 4 page executive summary and accompanying infographic examine this increase, it’s causes and provides evidence-based recommendations for modifying the juvenile justice system to make it a place that supports girls instead of just punishing them.

Systems fail to understand that girls involved in the justice system typically have a history of abuse, violence and neglect which lead them to act out in destructive ways. By treating these youth as criminals, instead of children who need help and guidance, we decrease their likelihood of success.

The Gender Injustice infographic was also used for a spread in Boston Law Magazine.
Francine Sherman was asked to present her findings and the report at the White House in the Fall of 2015. Below is a presentation slide that she used to describe the path of girls in the juvenile justice system. 
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