Nature Preschool
The Schuylkill Center Nature Preschool immerses children ages 3-5 in nature and the outdoors, providing them with an important connection to their planet as well as fostering the child’s intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical growth. I created their identity, collateral materials and custom illustrations.
Honey's Sit n Eat
Honey's Sit n Eat is a Philadelphia restaurant that serves delicious comfort food with a heavy emphasis on local and seasonal menu items. I designed their website, menus and placemats.
A Gathering of Leaders
A Gathering of Leaders is an annual conference pulling together some of nation's great thinkers who are working to make life better for boys and men of color. I created their full Identity, website and collateral package.
XPN Music Film Festival
In 2012 I designed the Identity and event materials for the XPN Music Film festival.
SMITH Kids Play Place
Designed at Maskar Design. Identity for playground and children's mansion in Philadelphia's Farimount Park.
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